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Let DMP publish your book and you keep 100% of your royalties.

Diamond M'Press now publishes books for authors. We take the hard work out of navigating through publishing so you can enjoy being a published author.

  • DMP gets 0% of royalties from your work

  • We have your book professionally edited

  • We get your cover professionally designed

  • We get your book properly formatted

  • We publish the book for you through amazon

  • We offer a flat rate 

DMP will receive 0% of royalties from your book. We hire a professional editor to edit your book. It comes back to you for approval. We hire a cover designer that you will work with to have your cover designed to your liking.


Once book is ready for publishing, it will be properly formatted and uploaded to Amazon for ebook and/or paperback publishing once you have approved the final look for your book.

Our flat rate is $999 with a deposit of $399 with 3-$200 payments a month until contract is paid in full of $999. DMP offers a confidentiality contract and covers editing, cover design, formatting and book publishing. 

You as the author have 100% say over the editing, publishing, designing and formatting. We simply do the hard work for you. Before your book is published, you will give the final approval. We do all of the hard work for you so you can enjoy being an author. 

Set up a free consultation today so we can start your book publishing journey.

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