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DMP is taking the literary and business industry to a completely different level, helping authors succeed in the literary industry by not only writing a book, but by learning to treat their literature as a business. We provide a large range of services to people who are just starting out as entrepreneurs and looking to leave their 9-5. As well as learn to write compelling, page turning novels.


Any professional that encounters DMP and all it has to offer will walk away with a sense of direction and motivation.

We also specialize in helping individuals start their own business. We cater to enhancing ones career.


DMP and its staff strives to bring you nothing less than professionalism and diamond status. We support #AuthorsinBusiness We support #smallbusiness

View our services and book a consultation so we can show you that we are the coach you've been looking for. Our prices are reasonable and we offer payment plans. We understand the struggles as an upcoming entrepreneur and author. Our goal is to build you up and place you in the lifestyle you are destined to live. 

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