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“An Upscale Mentoring and Coaching Firm for Authors and Writers





Diamond M’Press would like to introduce you to Diamond M’Press Elite, the exclusive literary association that brings literary professionals together to support, encourage, and expand each other’s literary career. 

Founded by Dominique L. Watson, this association is home to the mentees that she has been able to groom, make, shape, and form into the “go-getter” professional that they are today. 

Dominique Watson has thirteen plus years-experience in the literary industry. She’s written, published, and mentored; her literary experience has touched so many. She created Diamond M’Press Elite to give those she’s touched a place to network and expand in their career. This exclusive group provides encouragement, leadership, friendship, guidance, and support. We hold each other accountable in our literary careers.

It is our hope to not only see physical success, but overall growth in your literary journey.



Why Diamond M’Press Elite?

If you have personally worked with Dominique as a mentee, then you have been personally selected to come aboard Diamond M’Press Elite. Although Dominique has explained in her contracts that she will always be your mentor, this association goes beyond that. 

Once you have finished out your contract with Dominique, you are sent on your way to be the best literary professional you can be. Dominique is always there to lend a helping hand, but for the most part, she has given you your wings to fly. Again, Diamond M’Press Elite goes beyond that. Since you have “linked” up with Dominique, you now have your own brand or are starting and building your brand. You are branching out into your own person and placing your mark in the literary industry. Dominique wants to help with that. 

Diamond M’Press Elite supports your brand, markets your brand, and helps bring customers to you. You have exclusive access to Dominique and all of her tools on how to be the best at what you are doing. As a literary professional, this is hard to come by. Many people are not lending this type of hand in this industry to help you make more money than them. Dominique is helping with that. Her number one goal with Diamond M’Press Elite is to make you better, bring you more customers, and help you make more money. She believes that a person is only as strong as their team. Dominique wants to provide that team. Members of the elite team will offer their own resources, tips and advice from their own literary careers. 

Diamond M’Press Elite will help in specific projects or events that you have going on. Diamond M’Press Elite will refer you customers, promote your business, help get the resources you need to be better than you are right now. 


How long is Membership?

Membership lasts a lifetime with renewable dues. You are free to opt out at the end of your yearly contract if you feel that Diamond M’Press Elite is not a good fit for you. But keep in mind, your fees will give you:

  1. Free access to all of Dominque’s literary resources, advice, tips etc. Business questions, referrals, event coordination surrounding your business or book release, help with the release of a new book, project and so much more!

  2. Access to having a literary/business mentor at your fingertips to help with all of your needs for an entire year or more if you like.

  3. Networking with fellow authors, writers and literary professionals to assist with your career.

This helps you build relationships with other professionals to help expand your literary career. 


What does Diamond M’Press Elite Ask in Exchange for your Membership?

We ask that you support your fellow elite members. This is highly encouraged because we believe you are only as strong as the team behind you and we plan to build a strong team to support you. All networking is inside of our Facebook group. 


That’s it!

Once you have said yes to Diamond M’Press Elite, we will send you over a contract. This contract states everything above; what we expect and what we will provide. You will join our elite secret group on Facebook that can only be accessed by the DMP team. You are required to check in with us, let us know how you are doing, let us know what we can do for you and more. 

Remember, being an elite member is not just about us supporting you or you supporting us, you are required to support your members and they in return will support you.

Allow Diamond M’Press Elite to be the break through you’ve been looking for. Let us help you expand your brand. Let us be your team.


Diamond M’Press Elite


Founder; Dominique Watson

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