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Mz. Joe

Mz. Joe is a 29 year old wife and a mother of one, she is self employed through a processing company. She enjoys song writing as well as singing; she loves life and gives all credit of her success to God. She is a natural born leader and a social butterfly. She has always had an extravagant imagination. She hopes to become a bestselling author in the near future; she has always had a knack for creative writing and storytelling.


Mz. Joe is a business owner and a proactive friend and family member. Since before high school, she has wanted to become a part of Oprah’s bookclub. She attended Claflin University and Coastal Carolina University where she obtained a degree in Psychology. She looks forward to her future in writing and hope that her readers love her work just as much as she does.

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Imani Hilton

Imani Hilton also known as black widow is a twenty-seven year old mother of three beautiful girls. She’s also an aspiring author from New Orleans, LA. Imani’s been writing since she was fifteen years old. Becoming a mother at a young age caused Imani to put her dreams of becoming a published author on hold. But eventually she got back on track and dedicated her time to bringing forth her first literary baby. It wasn't until Imani began reading the Wahida Clark Thug series and Nene Capri’s Trap series that she realized she should start writing again. Soon after, she signed with Publisher NeNe Capri to get started on publishing her first book. Imani will be releasing her first novel, Sinful Lust, on April 29th, 2016. Imani is also the host of Real Raw Empire. She's been doing radio broadcasting since December 2015. Imani is currently working on her next release which is the follow up to her debut novel, Sinful Lust. Imani can be found Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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Tabitha Sharpe

Tabitha Sharpe is a new face to the literary industry. With two back to back page turners, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Tabitha’s first published book, Behind Our Husbands’ Lies was released in August 2015. A few months later she released her follow up novel titled Unhinged in early 2016.

Tabitha is on the rise to make a statement with her creative thinking and her unique way of writing.

She works hand in hand with Author and Literary Mentor Dominique Watson at Diamond M’Press Publications. She’s made numerous connections across the literary industry as she builds her career.

Tabitha is currently working on a few new projects that are due to be released in 2016.

Readers can connect with Tabitha across all social media networks.

Services: Bio/Synopsis/Creation One on one Mentoring