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Diamond M'press 

Literary Mentoring/Coaching Firm and Publications  

Who We Are

DMP is a mentoring agency, publishing house as well as a the home of the literary magazine, Literary Digest. Within our agency, we prepare authors for their journey in the literary field. We pride ourselves in always putting authors first! Our staff guarantees a classy and professional experience. 

Classy and upscale mentoring, coaching firm and publication house dedicated to helping authors exceed their own expectations.

Founder and Publisher, Author Dominique L. Watson created Diamond M’press with authors in mind. DMP is the home to many different outlets for authors including, the Literary Digest and mentoring/coaching firm. It is the official publishing house for all of Dominique’s books and is working towards being an elite publishing company for other authors.

Currently, DMP has four active clients that use the service of DMP to enhance their career. It was founded in 2014. Dominique has been mentoring for ten years.

DMP is taking the literary field to a completely different level, working in areas many professionals shy away from, mentoring and leadership.

Any author that comes in contact with DMP and all it has to offer will walk away with a sense of direction and motivation.

DMP and its staff strives to bring you nothing less than professionalism and diamond status. We support #AuthorsinBusiness 

Dominique Watson

Founder and Publisher

"Teaching my clients to learn every area of the business. Be your number one fan. Be your own team and never be afraid of the word no."